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“We don’t want to be big...
We just want to do it big, with passion and dedication.”

Established in 2009, iFlick is one of the pioneers of the photo booth industry, introducing the touch screen photo booth innovation, making it accessible to a whole new market, and the your-wish-is-our-command design customization that opened up a world of possibilities in branding and marketing.

Others try, but they can’t keep up because iFlick continues to innovate and develop its system so you are assured of the latest, most groundbreaking products for your social events. We are dedicated to developing creative and breakthrough features for our systems. That’s why, even after more than five years in the industry and more competitors cropping up, we’re still here... and leading the pack.

Regular Photo Booth

Themed Photo Booth

Printstagram Manila


iFlick Photo Booth offers Regular Print, Magnetized or Bagtag Photo booth, ShutterMan (Photoman), Greenscreen (Chroma) Photo booth, Themed Photobooth Flip Books, and #Hashtag onsite printing by Printstagram Manila as well as Photography & Video Coverage.

We also provide innovative marketing solutions that effectively capture the emotional core of your target market through branded photos. Whatever message you want to express, iFlick will help your brand leave an unforgettable impression.

For other services that’s not on our list, we custom-develop app or software that suits your requirement for a more innovative event, just shoot us an email.

Regular Print Photo Booth

Instant souvenir photos that carry your brand/theme--perfect parting gifts that will leave them raving about the experience and with lasting memories of your event.

Themed Photo booth

Stand out from the regular photobooth! We bring to your event a stylized setup of your event’s theme. By setup, we mean custom-made props, walls even floorings! We’ll set the mood of your guests to pose their best, a souvenir that they will surely be proud of to take home & brag about.

Printstgaram Manila

It’s a Twitter/Instagram instant printing! Just pick a hashtag and tell your guests to tag their photos when they upload them to Instagram & Twitter. Our station will monitor IG & Twitter for photos matching that hashtag and will automatically download and print them with your own custom template or branding.

Social Booth by iFlick

Branded photos uploaded directly to your Facebook page in real time. It engages a customer on your social page, increase likes & onsite fanbase and drive customers to your business real time through social media!

iFlickBooks (Flipbook)

iFlickbooks are fun, unique, informative, and perfect as event marketing giveaways! They’re the perfect size for your guests to slip into their pockets for the trip back home.

Magnetized Photo booth

Not just your regular photo booth prints, these are magnetized in full 4 x 6 prints.

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